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This Site Has Moved… January 2, 2006

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I needed  the flexibility and functionality that running my own installation affords, no matter how good the hosting here at wordpress.com is.  So, please check out my new site for any future posts.  You can also subscribe to the new RSS feed here.


Microsoft – Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) November 22, 2005

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Ray Ozzie on the above.

An extension to RSS intended to facilitate the sharing of data between disparate applications, such as calendar data between private, corporate and public calendar objects. Sounds like a better method than iCal at first blush. Be interesting to see what comes of this. The draft spec (0.9) for the extension is here. From the FAQ, this isn’t limited to calendar data though:

Just as RSS enables the aggregation of information from a variety of data sources, SSE enables the replication of information across a variety of data sources. Data sources that implement SSE will be able to exchange data with any other data source that also implements SSE.

From the user’s perspective, this means that you will be able to share your data (such as calendar appointments, contact lists, and favorites) across all of your devices and with anyone else that you choose, regardless of infrastructure or organization.

SSE is particularly useful for scenarios in which there are multiple masters and/or asynchronous updates. For example, SSE could be used to share your work calendar with your spouse—either of you could enter new appointments, even if not currently connected. Similarly, SSE could be used to replicate a set of calendar entries among a group of people, each working in a different company and using different infrastructure.

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Newsvine November 10, 2005

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Mike Davidson: Unstealth! Get Ready For Newsvine…

News, with commentary.  And, it sounds like, presence information for others reading the same news as you, with interaction options.  Sign-up for an account (“a column”), publish your own “stuff”.

Great URL process:

Simply save our “Seed Newsvine? button (a bookmarklet) to your browser and click it whenever you read a great story anywhere on the web. Tag it with words to describe it (e.g. “alex-rodriguez, baseball, world-series?) and a link to the original story, along with your comment, will automatically appear at the following pages:


… which brings me to one of my favorite features of Newsvine: our URL structure. Anytime you want news on any subject, say “supreme-court?, simply go to newsvine.com/supreme-court and every story we have that is tagged as such will be there.

Oh and we also have local news available at urls like “seattle.newsvine.com? and “newyork.newsvine.com?.

I’m looking forward to playing with this when it comes out.  Be interesting to see how the “anyone can comment” model works out – it won’t, hopefully, get flooded with garbage.

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