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This Site Has Moved… January 2, 2006

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I needed  the flexibility and functionality that running my own installation affords, no matter how good the hosting here at wordpress.com is.  So, please check out my new site for any future posts.  You can also subscribe to the new RSS feed here.


Test Post – Performancing For FIrefox December 21, 2005

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Downloaded Performancing For Firefox, and this is a quick test post to see how it handles.

Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox. Just hit F8
or click the little pencil icon at the bottom right to bring up the
blog editor and easily post to your WordPress, MovableType or Blogger

And a quick edit to test the “Publish as Edit” option.

Comment Spam December 15, 2005

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Got my first comment spam today – I feel so special! 🙂

Been out with the ‘flu all week.  Regular writing to resume this weekend, all being well.

New Category – Blackberry December 2, 2005

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I’ve added “Blackberry” as a sub-category to “Technology”, as I seem to be writing about it regularly.  I’m going to go back and update previous posts to reflect this category, in addition to “Technology”.  Hopefully, that won’t push those back out to the RSS feed – sorry if it means you get dupes; it’s just a one-off correction.

Hello WordPress Dashboard Readers… November 29, 2005

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No idea how I ended up on the dashboard as a “growing blog”, but it’s been very apparent once I looked at the referrer’s page!  Anyway, posting has been light the last few days, as you’ll see, due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and a personal vacation, but I plan on getting back in to this.

Coming up, in the next day or three, a post on “GTD With A Blackberry” – as I’ve noticed a few referrer hits from that particular Google search, and practicing the Getting Things Done methodology, with a Blackberry, is indeed something I make a habit of.

Comments welcome, good or bad, on what you’ve seen so far.


Using Del.Icio.Us November 20, 2005

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I finally got around to installing plug-ins to all my browsers, both on my laptop and on my desktop. I still use IE, because (a) I always have(!), and (b) I access some corporate applications that simply work better in IE. For my reading and blogging, however, I’m a happy user of Firefox, and have also been playing with Flock — in fact, I’m writing this post from within Flock now. I like that Flock just needs me to hit one button, nice and clear, on the menu bar, to get stuff into del.icio.us. I have a bookmarklet for IE that does the same. Firefox, I choose to use a plugin, although I’ve got the bookmarklet as well. The plugin is more functional, but you have to right-click I can live with it.

In any event. having made it easy to push links, with comments, into del.icio.us, I’ve also configured it to post my daily links into the blog.


Well, personal convenience for a start – the blog is going to turn into a personal knowledge repository, that I can readily reference and search. I subscribe to my own feeds, using Newsgator and Outlook, so I get a copy of every post I make as an email. Those sit in the offline file with the rest of my email, that I can refer to wherever I am, and that I can index using the MSN Desktop Search or the Google Desktop. I see a lot of different websites, most days, like most people. Some will generate “real? posts to the blog, others will just be “background information?. This makes an easy way for me to remember that “oh yes, I read an article on that subject a while back…? and then find it again.

So, if you see a post full of links, brief notes, and some tags, with no substantive comment in and of itself, you now know what it is.

Some reference links:

Firefox Browser

del.icio.us plugin for Firefox

del.icio.us bookmarklets

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WordPress.com Error? November 20, 2005

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WordPress won’t let me set the categories on the previous post to “GTD? and “Time Management?, insisting on my default category of “Random Observations? instead. Working through possibilities now, and I’ll file a bug report as appropriate… In the meantime, I’m leaving the post (?What is GTD??) in the “now?, rather than backdating it where I want it.


Seems related to including an image.  I created a new post, and it accepted the category settings correctly.  I then pasted in the text of the original post, and it was still fine.  Added the photo, and boom!  Category locked to “Random Observations”.  Take the pic out, and all is well.  Change the timestamp on the new post, and it correctly goes where it needs to.

I’ve marked the troublesome post as “Private” so that it stays in the blog, as I’ve submitted this as an issue to WordPress.com via the Feedback option.

What I Read November 4, 2005

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As much as an experiment for my own purposes (in seeing how the functionality worked), I’ve exported my current list of sites I read through RSS, and linked them over on the right-hand side of here.  I don’t know if I’m going to leave them there – that might be just a little too much openness.

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FeedTier November 3, 2005

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In the “Something to play with soon” department:


FeedTier is a web feeds generator for web pages without an existing syndication format. FeedTier performs content analysis, picks-up the most prominent cluster of hyperlinks and automatically generates RSS web feeds from web pages without existing sydincation options. FeedTier is an experimental service and free for personal use.

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Mechanics October 31, 2005

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OK – that’s the introductory post written.  I’m still working on some of the configuration of the site here.  This is best considered a “soft launch” – I want to get a few items up here and done, before I let anyone know that I’ve started this.

Why Blog? October 31, 2005

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“Oh look – another tech geek with too much time on his hands, writing his daily activities!?

The above is somewhat of a stereotype, and it’s certainly not the intended aim of this site. Is this a self-serving exercise in vanity publishing? Yes, perhaps a little. There’s a certain element of self-satisfaction in writing something and then “publishing? it. Now, whether or not that actually gets read by anyone is a totally different matter!

I first looked at blogging back in September 2002, and I started up a trial site, using Radio Userland. That experiment lasted a couple of months, with my use primarily confined to using a browser add-in to use it as a link/articles-to-read dumping ground. Then I started creating content, relevant to what I was doing at work. That became an awkward line, so I moved the site to a test server run inside our firewall. I “got busy?, and the idea fizzled out.

Fast forward. I’ve been asked more than once in the last year whether I blog – here for instance. I’ve watched over blogs started by people I know – such as Ben’s site “A Collection of Random Thoughts? – without their necessarily trying to post daily, or even regularly. Just when they felt like it, and when they had something to say.

Well, I’m a white-collar worker. I’m paid to read, think and write. And some of that writing may be, I think, shareable. I like to write. I’ll never be writing the Next Great American Novel, for sure – but why should that stop me experimenting here?

This should be primarily a “serious? blog – technology, business, politics, law. The things that interest me. But it is MY blog, so if I throw in an occasional restaurant review, movie comment, joke or even a venting, bear with me!

My first planned post, to follow this one, is to explain why I chose the WordPress service to get started, rather than any of the others out there. I have a couple of things that I’ve written recently that I want to clean up and then I’ll load those up as well. Then we’ll see how it goes – I’ll post as I think of things, or am prompted to them, and as often as it happens.

Comments welcome.

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