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“Taskforce” Meeting Template December 8, 2005

Posted by Gary Slinger in MindMapping, Process.

To me, a “Taskforce” meeting is one where a variety of folks are called together, and told to “fix that problem”, whatever that particular problem may be. I’ve just been asked to form such a group, to address an application performance issue at work, and in setting up the meeting, I brought together a number of my current notes and templates into a single MindManager template, for re-use. Thought I’d post it here – if you find it useful, have any comments, or want a copy of the template file itself, just let me know.

When I hold the meeting tomorrow, I’ll give out copies of the map, with the “Notes/Thoughts” section collapsed, but everything else expanded, for the participants reference. The “Notes/Thoughts” section is for me, as the meeting lead, to remind me of “discussion methods” that can be useful for these kind of things – simple brainstorming, the Six Thinking Hats, and SCAMPER.

During the meeting, I’ll make notes on the whiteboard, on my copy of the agenda, and on regular paper as I see fit. As it’ll be a fairly interactive meeting, I’m not going to try and take digital notes, either in OneNote or straight into MindManager, as I might under other circumstances; instead I’ll update everything into the MindManager map as appropriate after the meeting, and then send out both the map itself, and a Word document generated from it, for participants reference.

Agenda Large

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Update: I realised that although I can’t use the MindManager web embed option, I can load the file up to WordPress for those of you that have MindManager itself, and want the file. I’ve got no way of tracking that, so if you take it and like it, or have any other comments, do please let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

Update 2: Well, apparently not. It worked in testing yesterday, but WordPress.com won’t allow me to upload a “.mmap” file now. I don’t know if that is a deliberate change, or a temporary thing. I’ll check again later. So, the original still applies – if you want the file, just let me know.



1. HobieSwan - December 8, 2005

You might want to embed this cool map in your blog (see http://www.mindjet.com/us/products/mindmanager_viewers/publishers.php?s=13&sn=1), then direct people to http://www.mindjet.com/us/products/mindmanager_viewers/plugin.php?s=13 to install our free viewer that lets them navigate the map, open links and text notes, print the map, email it ot others–and save it to their own copy of MindManager so they can start implementing your suggestions!

2. Gary Slinger - December 8, 2005

Thanks Hobie.

Unfortunately, one of the limitations (as far as I can tell) of the hosted version of WordPress is that I can’t put in the necessary script in the post to point to the map. What I HAVE realised as a result of reading your comment and thinking a bit more is that I can upload the file as an attachment to the post, for folks that DO have MindManager. Not much use for those without, unofortunately. (Hey, guys, go buy a copy of MindManager! 🙂

For what it’s worth, I did think about the embedding option, and it’s something that I’ve recommended to a couple of other people previously. It’s a great addition to the MindManager toolset.

Now, all that said, if anyone’s reading this and you know how to embed a MindManager Map into the HOSTED version of WordPress, do please share – I’d love to know.


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