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Referencing, without showing… November 24, 2005

Posted by Gary Slinger in MindMapping, Process.

Does this work? Hobart Swan, at the MindManager Blog, has a piece about Using MindManager for Patent Applications. It’s a reference to a piece on Russ Krajec’s “Anything Under the Sun” blog that somewhat adequately leaves me informed, but above all wanting to see the MindMap! Or at least a part of it… Does saying “I have this, and it’s cool”, cut it, or does there need to be more than that to it?

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1. Hobie Swan - November 27, 2005

Hi Gary,
I have talked to a couple of attorneys about how they are using MindManager to manage patents and have asked them to share the maps they created. They have all said that the information in the maps was too confidential to share. So yes, I agree with you that it would be great to see the map itself. But given the nature of the content, I guess we have to use our imaginations to get a picture of how mapping is used in this case.

2. Gary Slinger - November 27, 2005


Given the subject matter, that makes complete sense. I’m just insatiably curious about things like this I guess! Thanks for the response though.


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