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Monitoring The NTP/RIM Lawsuit November 11, 2005

Posted by Gary Slinger in Blackberry, Technology.

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1. Thom Willis - November 13, 2005

I had been a a division @ a major inovator a few years back and we had a patent that seemed to cover the email technology that Blackberry used as well as others. Our parent decided to not do more than send a letter to RIM stating as such. And I do believe our patent was prior to NTP’s. These guys are like carpetbaggers- don’t really do anything but fleece those that have and move to the next scam.

2. Gary Slinger - November 13, 2005

Well, hopefully that’s part of what the PTO has been considering, as it has already bounced some of the patents, and the others are under consideration now.

3. Gary Slinger » Blog Archive » OneNote Mobile - November 22, 2005

[…] OK, so, if the RIM/NTP lawsuit goes in favor of NTP, and RIM actually does have to close down US operations (getting more unlikely, given the recent brief filed in interest by the US DOJ), this might be enough to make me happier about moving to a Windows Mobile device again. Enter OneNote Mobile. OneNote Mobile is your portable extension to OneNote that you get when you purchase OneNote. You install it on your Windows Mobile SmartPhone (this is semi-automatic so it is low hassle) and you’re good to go. A few weeks ago, David Siedzik, the program manager for OneNote Mobile showed it to the mobile devices MVPs who were on campus and actually got a standing ovation! Read on to find out why. […]

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