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Office Live and Windows Live November 1, 2005

Posted by Gary Slinger in microsoft.com, Office Live, Windows Live.

Written as a “quick response” to a question about the launch of these two services, the below is my initial notes on the above, based on reading an assortment of the blogs out there (noted at the end of this).

  • There is no cost data yet. Office Live won’t be in beta until early next year, for instance.
  • Office Live is supposed to launch in Q1 next year. This is not a replacement for Office – it’s a different type of product (Rahesh Jha).
  • Currently isn’t cross-browser compatible. They’re working on this.
  • Windows Live – will help push RSS out to “the public” quite substantially. Also photo sharing and social networking features – that seems very home-user friendly; not clear yet whether the total focus is meant to be home use.
  • The initial focus of Office Live is the ~28 million worldwide businesses that have less than 10 employees (Tom Warren @ Neowin.Net)
  • Windows Live is a split of MSN, with MSN equalling content such as MSN.com and MSNBC.com. WindowsLive is services, such as Live.com, Mail and Instant Messenger.
  • Michael Gartenberg at Jupiter Research: “There’s been a lot of chatter about how this is a response to Google or how it’s Microsoft being dragged into offering these type of services at the expense of losing it’s traditional market for Office apps. Well, that analysis is all wrong. Microsoft has been planning this for quite some time, long before it would appear as a response to Google or anyone else.
  • These new services recognize the importance of connectivity and the near ubiquitous nature of high speed access but also combine with the richness that you can only get from traditional model. These are not replacements for Office or Windows but extensions of them.?
  • Michael Sampson at Shared Spaces: http://www.shared-spaces.com/blog/2005/11/thoughts_on_win.html. Sample quote “Office Live ain’t about what most people call Office … I know Microsoft is trying to extend the Office brand to all sorts of things, and that’s fine, but Office Live isn’t about Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which is what most people associate with that term. These announcements aren’t an attempt to offer a Web-based office productivity suite, like the much vaunted but yet-to-be-seen Google Office. “
  • Windows Live will be primarily ad supported. Does not kill off MSN.
  • Office Live is “internet based services for growing and managing your business online”. There is an ad supported level, and an additional tier above this that will require subscriptions.
  • Live.com is going to be the new default page for IE7 and Vista.
  • SeattlePI.com – “As currently envisioned, for example, the company said you wouldn’t be able to create a Word document or Excel spreadsheet solely by using the Web browser in Office Live.
  • The company will morph its MSN Messenger instant-messaging and Hotmail e-mail services into “Windows Live” services. MSN exec David Cole said the company will still maintain the MSN.com portal for people who want pre-programmed content.”
  • Ray Ozzie – Windows is completely separate from Windows Live. Interaction through documents only.

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