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Mechanics October 31, 2005

Posted by Gary Slinger in Blogging.
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OK – that’s the introductory post written.  I’m still working on some of the configuration of the site here.  This is best considered a “soft launch” – I want to get a few items up here and done, before I let anyone know that I’ve started this.


Why Blog? October 31, 2005

Posted by Gary Slinger in Blogging.
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“Oh look – another tech geek with too much time on his hands, writing his daily activities!?

The above is somewhat of a stereotype, and it’s certainly not the intended aim of this site. Is this a self-serving exercise in vanity publishing? Yes, perhaps a little. There’s a certain element of self-satisfaction in writing something and then “publishing? it. Now, whether or not that actually gets read by anyone is a totally different matter!

I first looked at blogging back in September 2002, and I started up a trial site, using Radio Userland. That experiment lasted a couple of months, with my use primarily confined to using a browser add-in to use it as a link/articles-to-read dumping ground. Then I started creating content, relevant to what I was doing at work. That became an awkward line, so I moved the site to a test server run inside our firewall. I “got busy?, and the idea fizzled out.

Fast forward. I’ve been asked more than once in the last year whether I blog – here for instance. I’ve watched over blogs started by people I know – such as Ben’s site “A Collection of Random Thoughts? – without their necessarily trying to post daily, or even regularly. Just when they felt like it, and when they had something to say.

Well, I’m a white-collar worker. I’m paid to read, think and write. And some of that writing may be, I think, shareable. I like to write. I’ll never be writing the Next Great American Novel, for sure – but why should that stop me experimenting here?

This should be primarily a “serious? blog – technology, business, politics, law. The things that interest me. But it is MY blog, so if I throw in an occasional restaurant review, movie comment, joke or even a venting, bear with me!

My first planned post, to follow this one, is to explain why I chose the WordPress service to get started, rather than any of the others out there. I have a couple of things that I’ve written recently that I want to clean up and then I’ll load those up as well. Then we’ll see how it goes – I’ll post as I think of things, or am prompted to them, and as often as it happens.

Comments welcome.

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